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Western Wing Kennels | Professional Training

Western Wing Kennels accepts all breeds of gun dogs for training. We run two rotations of formal training, the first 90 day rotation begins the first of March and the second rotation begins the first of June. Upon arriving at the kennels each dog will be evaluated by Jerimiah for prey drive, prey chase and socialization. This evaluation helps both Owner and the Trainer to identify a dogs strengths and weaknesses.

The Format
The training format used by Jerimiah takes dogs through the HUNTSMITH levels of formal training. These levels are founded on the belief that the training process is accumulative, with each step building on the previous one. In order to set up a dog for success, Jerimiah asks the owners to come to the kennels and spend time in the field transitioning the dog from trainer to owner.

Puppy Development

At 6 months of age or older the kennel offers a 30 day training for puppy development. This ensures a young dog is exited about birds and has learned the basics of how to work his/her natural instincts. This level elevates the dogs intensity of prey drive and readies them for the formal stages of training. The puppy is also properly introduced to the gun.

  • $700 per month
  • Includes birds, feed, training costs

Formal training

(Foundation-Intermediate-Advanced 90 Day program)

Foundation Level. This is the beginning of formal training by establishing points of contact on the neck and flank you create conditioned responses and shapes behavior or in some cases re-shapes undesired behavior. This is also when work is begun on the dogs natural retrieve. Creating a strong foundation on a dog ensures you always have something to fall back on.
Intermediate Level. At this stage we are teaching dogs remote cues in the field and introducing the verbal commands to create a conditioned response. Dogs are becoming steady on birds, learning to honor another dogs point, start quartering on command and learning to hunt with us.
Advanced Level. Dogs are at the point of learned behavior. They have learned to work scent in a variety of conditions, how to look for and recognize a backing situation, find dead birds, retrieve, understand direction and hunt with you in the field.Western Wing Kennels is a training facility creating a bird dog that fit’s the owner’s needs and preferences.

  • $750 per month
  • Includes birds, feed and training costs
  • 3 month format

Tune Ups / Wild Bird Eposure

Tune ups are available to trained dogs that need to be polished-up for the coming season. All dogs will be evaluated before enrollment. This is a 30 day training program.
Wild bird exposure is available on a very limited basis. It is open to all dogs that have completed the formal training program or dogs that have been evaluated. Your dog will be exposed to a variety of  Upland wild birds.

  • $750 per month
  • Includes birds, feed,training costs
  • Trained dogs are eligible for “tune ups” in September
  • Wild bird exposure takes place in Montana

Private lessons

Private instruction is offered at $50 an hour, $200 for a half day and $450 for a full day of instruction.
Advance notice is required please contact Jerimiah for scheduling.

Western Wing Kennels Takes only a limited amount of dogs per rotation. A deposit is required for all reservations. Please contact us for availability.

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