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Western Wing Kennels llc - Testimonials

Here's what a few of our customers have had to say about us.
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Craig and Melissa Ricketts

Summer 2014 - United States

Western Wing Kennels is a great place to have your bird dog trained. The owners, Jerimiah and Wendi are great with the dogs. Every dog is different, and we like that they take the time to get to know each dog and adjust the training accordingly. The goal is pretty much the same, but the training path is individualized. They also take the time to get to know the owners and find out what we are looking for in a gun dog. The training program lasts three months. After the first month, the owners are encouraged to come out on either Friday or Saturday to spend an hour working their dog with Jerimiah. We feel this is important so that owners understand what their dogs are being taught and also what methods are used in the training process. This helps builds consistency and lessens potential confusion for the dogs once the training is over. Jerimiah and Wendi are great people and are very good at what they do. We highly recommend Western Wing Kennels for your dog training needs!

Dave and Terry Jenkins

My wife and I are novice gun dog owners.  We (including our dog, Aspen) scheduled a meet and greet with Jerimiah and Wendi before sending our dog for training at Western Wing Kennels.  One look at their sparkling clean kennels and their training set-up, combined with seeing Jerimiah’s interaction with Aspen, gave us complete confidence in them.  

For us, what really made Western Wing Kennels the best choice for us was the opportunity to train weekly with our dog.  Jerimiah and Wendi taught us so many things: the nature of wild birds and bird dogs, handling techniques, they recommended equipment and the best places for purchase.  We even picked up tips for grooming and action photography!

Participation in your dog’s training is not mandatory, it was our choice.  By the end of the one-month puppy conditioning and three-month hunt training, Jerimiah and Wendi felt like family.  Even after training was over, they were there for us to address questions we had.

My wife and I have nothing but praise for Western Wing Kennels and we highly recommend them.

Sparks, Nevada

Tal Browne

Western Wing Kennels has trained my last 4 dogs. Prior to western wing kennels I had used two other trainers. Over all I was unhappy with the experience. I would send my dogs for several months but they would not come home finished. I had to continue training my self or send them back for more training. I am amazed at Jerimiah's ability to train a dog in 90 days but he has proven this to me time and time again. Jerimiah has also helped me become a better handler, my dogs come home ready to hunt and they are easy to control in the field.

Phil, Heather & Dave Condon

Western Wing Kennels took the time to train our new puppy and our son (his handler) the right way.  They encouraged our dog's natural ability while teaching our son what to look for in the field.  We appreciate their hard work and loving but firm role they had in our dog's development. We highly recommend this facility and plan to bring our next puppy there too.

Grant & Joan Gardner

Wendi & Jerimiah of Western Wing Kennels have done an incredible job of developing a full-service training and boarding facility.  Professional, caring, innovative, intelligent and thorough all describe Western Wing Kennels in Mason Valley. We would highly recommend them.

Alton Anker - Klous and Kimber

We met Jerimiah and Wendi just prior to a Ronie Smith clinic and I was interested so I asked about the clinic (not convinced this would work on my dog )I agreed to attend you see I had a three year male German shorthair that had come to the conclusion that I was only transportation to and from the Chuckar mountain.

One day Jerimiah and I sat on the tail gate of my truck and talked about my dog I was careful to try to give him a honest picture of what he was getting into after spending some time with Klous he felt good about taking this dog on . As I thought to my self you are quite the dog trainer if he can turn this dog around. So Klous and I go to the clinic I watched ,I listened,and I was impressed at this point I wanted to know what was the next step ,so Jerimiah Wendi and I sat on the tail gate of my truck and the three month class was strongly suggested so we agreed to attend in the spring. Between this time and when the class was to start I was give a 10 weak old female German shorthair again we sat on the tailgate of my truck and talked about this dog again the three month class was strongly suggested now it is time for the class.

I loaded up my two dogs and headed to the kennels to drop off my dogs now I am having second thoughts I had to keep telling my self it was the thing to do it still did not make it any easier as I drove out of the kennels I was very upset ,I returned every chance I got and as I saw my dogs progress I felt better and better about my decision during this two month I learned as much as the dogs did or maybe more I was feeling good about the up coming Chuckar season now it is time for the real test no planted birds no Jerimiah to lean on just me the dogs ,the mountain ,and the birds to say the least I am so impressed with my dogs I killed over 30 wild birds over each dog they pointed they held point they retrieved every thing I could of hoped for they even were pointing singles near the end as to that earlier comment about if Jerimiah turn that big strong headed male dog around he would be quite a dog trainer well he is not only are Jerimiah and Wendi good with the dogs we became very good friends one of those friend ship that will last a life time.

Jerimiah and Wendi did what they said they were going to do every time no excuses if you are so kind to take the time to read this or take the time to call me and visit about good pointing dogs and are considering Jerimiah and Wendi to help you with your dog and you have what it takes to make that trip to the kennels do it you will have a hunting dog as long as you are willing to do your part you won't regret it.

Respectfully submitted

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